1. How does the Cuddeback system work?

The CuddeLink On-Site system allows up to 23 cameras to remotely send images to the HOME camera. Users now only need to check a single SD card from the HOME camera to view all images from all cameras in the network.

2. What is CuddeLink?

Cuddelink is Not Wi-Fi, not cellular, CuddeLink is a private wireless network where up to 23 cameras send their images to a central home device or storage unit.

3. What is the difference between CuddeLink repeater and remote?

Remote refers to cameras that transmit images to the HOME. Repeater refers to a device that acts as a relay station on a CuddeLink network. The REPEATER does not take pictures, it only transmits images from one node to the next node. Node is a general name for any home, remote or repeater on the network.

4. How often does CuddeLink send pictures to home camera?

When using the 4G Cell Home the rate determines how often photos are emailed to you. You can choose between a Batch setting number of pics sent (1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30) or a Time setting (1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, or 12 hours).

5. Can you use CuddeLink without cell service?

You can use Cuddelink cameras without a cell plan just by linking them together. Each camera sends the photos to the home camera. As long as the cameras are close enough and the signal is strong enough between cameras. It is not dependent on cell coverage.

6. Can CuddeLink home camera be used as a remote camera?

Advanced technology and features for leading edge performance. CuddeLink built in. Functions as Home, Remote, or Repeater.

7. How far can CuddeLink cameras be apart?

Camera-to-camera range is typically 500 metres in a forest and increases as terrain opens. To further increase range CuddeLink cameras daisy-chain from camera to camera to transmit images 3 kilometres or more. With CuddeLink you can collect images on a single SD card or have them delivered to you via a 4G LTE.

8. Do I need to have a 4G SIM card for each camera?

Images from all cameras on a CuddeLink network are sent to the user's email address when using the 4G Cell Home. You only require 1 SIM card for up to 23 cameras at each property.

9. Can I use rechargeable batteries in my Cuddelink camera?

It is already possible to run the solar to charge an external dual battery bank consisting of rechargeable D batteries, which is connected directly to the camera as a power source. We do not recommend the use of rechargeable batteries within the camera. The battery voltage is too low to properly operate the camera.

10. What size SD card can i use in my CuddeLink camera?

Every CuddeLink cameras must have an SD card installed. Any size card from 16B to 256GB can be used in the LL-Series cameras. We recommend you use name brand quality SD cards.

11. Is there an app for cuddelink cameras?

Cuddelink allows you to control all your Cuddelink cameras at the camera, from your desktop, or mobile phone. Using Cuddeback's website portal or mobile app you can change all settings on Cuddelink cameras, including delay, time lapse modes, clear SD card and more if connected via the 4G Cell Home.

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